Ramadan: Fasting

Soooo Ramadan has finally come! *kazoo noises*

So if you don’t know, Ramadan is the month where muslims fast ( puasa) and to be honest I kinda like it. Yes I have to be separated from my one true love ( food ) but it teaches us about patience.

Usually I wake up at around 3am because we have to eat as much as we want before fasting.

So I wake up, go down to the kitchen and teleport everything in the fridge into my mouth because you don’t wanna be hungry during Ramadan haha believe me.

Mr Bean will demonstrate what I look like during sahoor:

Yeahh, iftar is a different story. I don’t eat that much. It’s unlike me.

In Ramadan, I was told that all the demons ( syaitan) and ghosts and whatever will be locked up and if you do something bad or procrastinate, you can’t blame it on the demons. It’s all on you.

But I just can’t help but be lazzzzzzy during the fasting month.

Laziness + a sad excuse for a human being = wamby

But really, during this time you can spend more time with your family and friends, be more productive instead of wasting time eating or procrastinating or ( if you’re me ) cry under the covers.

I was told that we fast because we get to feel what people who are poor and have no food to eat feel and that made me think a lot.

I was also told that we will be much closer to Allah ( our god) and become a better personπŸ‘ ( yay for being a better person! )

After Ramadan month, there is Syawal and when there is Syawal there is (drum rolls please)………… Hari raya Aidilfitri/ Eid Mubarak!!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Hari raya is like a celebration to congratulate those who fast.

During Hari Raya, we can wear new pretty clothes, visit our relatives, eat as much as you want and moneyyπŸ€‘

But yeah Ramadan has taught me a lot about patience and spending time with my family and I’m grateful and proud to be in a religion where they teach stuff like this instead of…you know.

And yeah good things come for those who wait πŸ‘. For all you muslims out there, stay strong for Ramadan πŸ’•

As always, stay strong and brush your teeth

-Luv Wamby


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